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Experience candy like never before! Join the ultimate craze with irresistible freeze-dried candies - delivered right to your doorstep every month.

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Next-Generation Candy!

Discover 5 packs (3-5oz) of iconic classics and trendy new flavors with an unexpected twist: freeze-dried to perfection! Crunchy bite, airy texture, and explosive flavor like never before!

Think of the legendary cola gummies intensified, skittles that will explode in your mouth, ice cream sandwiches packed with crunch, and so much more!

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Puffy Jollies

Enjoy the same long-lasting fruity flavor and intense sweetness you’ve always loved.

But here's the plot twist: a delightful airy crunch with every bite!

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Rainbow Drops

Discover a rainbow of bright, vibrant & zesty flavors.

From sweet strawberry to sour lemon, each drop of goodness will leave you craving more.

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Gummy Teeth

Indulge in a blend of strawberry-cherry sweetness with a touch of mellow vanilla.

A sugary and flavorful mix that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Gummy Bears

Ready for a burst of fruity goodness?

Experience the perfect mix of sweet & tangy,
with a touch of irresistible juiciness.

Yes, exactly like childhood!

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Gummy Cola Bottles

Enjoy the familiar fizzy, sweet & refreshing
cola flavor in every bite.

It's like sipping a cold glass of your favorite beverage, with a crunchy twist!

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Peach Rings

Experience a flavor rollercoaster that combines the juiciness of peaches with a puckering sour kick.

A powerful punch that will keep you coming
back for more.

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Gummy Worms

Tickle your senses with an explosion of
sweet and tangy deliciousness.

A fruity frenzy that will make your taste buds wiggle with joy.

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Gummy Bananas

Think tropical, fruity and deliciously satisfying.

Sink your teeth into the flavor of a perfectly ripe banana, with a surprise crunch factor.

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Icecream Bar

Nothing beats the rich creaminess of vanilla ice cream mixed with deep cocoa flavor.

Now you can try it like never before: crunchy, intense & melt-proof.

3, 2, 1… Your Astronaut Candy Is Here!

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Get your first box in 2-6 days & the following
boxes on the 7th of each month.

You can cancel anytime - but we're sure
you'll be hooked from the first bite!

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Unbox & Get

Each month you’ll unbox 5 different
packs of mouth-melting candies.

We’re talking about gummy bears, jolly ranchers
and even… vanilla ice cream sandwiches!

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Frosty Sweets Subscription Box

$29.97 / Month

Get ready to experience new levels of crunch & flavor with the ultimate freeze-dried candy subscription! Every month, a new selection of five different packs, delivered right to your door.

Sweet, sour, tangy & 100% melt-in-your-mouth, our freeze-dried candies will surely become your new favorite obsession.

It’s time to stop drooling over those ASMR videos
and try them for yourself!

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Frosty Sweets Subscription Box

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About Us

Meet the Frosty Sweets Subscription Box, the ultimate destination for candy lovers! 🍬

We're a bunch of crazy, candy-obsessed sweet heads who understand that candy isn’t only a snack for all the sweet-toothed out there. It's an experience

That's why we've created the Frosty Sweets Subscription to bring the joy of freeze-dried candy to your doorstep. 

Each box comes with a stellar variety of flavors that will take your taste buds on an out-of-this-world adventure!

Ready for take-off? 🚀

We started experimenting with different flavors and combos. Mixingoldie but goodie favoriteswithedgy new tastes, and perfecting our technique. 

We wanted to share it with the world! Our dream was to launch our own candy subscription boxfor like-minded sweet tooths. And that was how theFrosty Sweets Subscription Boxlifted off! It went so well that it sold out 3 times in 3 months. 😎

We're proud to offer our fellow candy lovers aunique and excitingway to enjoy their favorite treats. 

So,join us on this sweet mission, and let's explore the galaxy of freeze-dried candy together! 🍭